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My experience: Dealing with trolls

The topic is: Internet trolls

For: Social Media Managers (personal and corporate accounts)

One of the first things you have to take into consideration is yourself. The manager of the account. You have to do the math and see how personal you really should take any negative comment. Most trolls react off of pure emotion and things built up inside of themselves. They want you to react.

I attempt to read every comment on every social media page I manage and of course my personal pages. Sometimes it's hard to make it through all of the comments (especially the first 20+ bot comments you see) but, I find that it gives me a better scope on my audience and how to interact better.

99% of trolls, I never feel the need to acknowledge. Why? Because they have already spent time viewing my content, thinking about my content, preparing a statement for my content, and time looking back to see if I or anyone else has put effort into their negative thought process. Why would I lose sleep or spend time defending myself or organization with little to no relevance or facts?

These people don't deserve your time, right?

The 1% of trolls remaining- get addressed. Why? To be honest, I might be having a really good day and want to shed light on a subject they brought up. There's no type of algorithm to decipher who to/ who not to address, but how can you best address a topic with compassion more than anything?

1st reminder: These people probably have their own demons, it's not your job to give them what they're looking for.

2nd reminder: Please don't lose sleep over this. You were hired to manage an account because of your capabilities to composite a data-driven social media plan and maintain/ improve a brand or organization. You're the person for this job.

I want to hear your questions and comments below!

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