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Class of 2022, Emoni Bates is everything but ordinary. The Ypsi Lincoln student athlete is beyond explanation, but I can try to sum him up. At 6 foot 8 inches, his long body stands out. His dominance and killer instinct is something that can not quite describe until you're in that energy of his. Last night was my 4th time covering Emoni and Ypsi Lincoln as they blew out Chelsea HS a lot to a little. The end of game score was pointless on my end as I scattered to gather all of my Ypsi Lincoln highlights on my computer. There was no surprise that Emoni had a list of highlights labeled in my desktop file, but at that moment, I realized- This kid is better than what they're saying he is. I will let you watch the highlight reel of his below from last night, but he has three more years left!!!! This kid is going to write a story, and it's happening now.

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