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RECENT SHOOT: Rogers finishes without Zia in the 4th (1/09/19)

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

Zia Cooke has been doing her thing in the High School scene for quite some time, but a lot of people have slept on her. Toledo, Ohio has not.

On January 9th, the Lady Rams of Rogers High School took on the Lady Bulldogs from Scott High School. Zia Cooke '19 (South Carolina Commit), came out of the hallway and onto the gym floor with her same energy last night, but it was her 18th birthday... so there was just a little bit more dancing from her throughout the game and after the 71-19 win over Scott.

At the beginning of the 4th quarter, the game clock was set to 4 minutes remaining in the game in order to get the game wrapped up from the blowout that Zia and her team created. When Cooke walked off the floor, she ended the game with 22 points and a dub on here 18th birthday.

As media continues to grow at the Lady Rams' home games, people continue to ask if Zia will sit in the 4th quarter if the game results in a blowout win. The answer is simply, yes. With Zia and her team dominating as much as they have, it only makes sense as they sit comfortably on top of their conference and Zia sits comfortably on her commitment to South Carolina. Giving recognition to both the Roger's Head Coach and the young/ very mature Zia Cooke... they have their eyes set on a bigger prize. I have a feeling Zia is going to leave Rogers with a huge bang. Possibly even another State Championship.

Zia Cooke finishes against Scott HS with 22 points on her 18th birthday

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